Portfolio Management

Our portfolio management services focus on designing a portfolio allocation of primarily investment company (“mutual fund”) products, exchange-traded funds (“ETFs”), fixed income/debt (“bond”) instruments, and equity (“stock”) positions to achieve the best return on your investment capital.

With the complexity of today’s marketplace, it is critical for us to understand who you are and what you want to accomplish financially. Our initial meetings with you, and the Investor Profile Worksheet we have you complete, provide us with a clearer picture of your personal finances, investment return expectations, time horizon, and risk tolerance so that we can develop a successful investment strategy and tailored asset allocation guideline unique to your investment objectives. If you have difficulty expressing your monetary needs or do not truly have a grasp of your overall personal finances, a financial plan may be suggested before proceeding with any portfolio management services.

Once your investment parameters have been identified, we will prepare an asset allocation guideline that outlines what asset mix is most suitable for your unique investment expectations and risk tolerance. This asset allocation piece will guide us in the management of your account(s), and act as a standard against which to measure future results and to make modifications where necessary.

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