Financial Planning

Financial planning is one of the most important tools successful people use to bridge unexpected events to create an extraordinary personal life, business career, and the security needed in their retirement years. However, such planning requires a lifetime commitment, not only from you but from us as well, your Financial Planner.

Being Fiscally Responsible

Planning for your future, whether estate, financial, and/or tax planning, is being fiscally responsible. A well-designed plan is a step-by-step process intended to identify and clarify purpose, personal and family core values, needs, and priorities to align your financial decisions with your goals in all areas of your life and business. Planning includes:

  • Arriving at a series of decisions and action items based on current and future financial circumstances and defined goals and objectives;
  • Projecting the consequences of these decisions for you in the form of an economic plan – a working blueprint; and,
  • Implementing the protocols outlined in the plan to achieve the plan objectives.

Once complete, the plan, or working blueprint, becomes the benchmark that is used to help us evaluate where you are in achieving your financial goals, needs, and objectives.

Preparing the Financial Plan

We gather the necessary information to complete our analysis through personal interviews, review of various documents supplied by you, and completion of one or more profile questionnaires. Information gathered may include statements regarding you current financial status, a list of assets, insurance, wills and/or trust documents, income and expenses, Social Security eligibility, and other information based on your financial status and future goals.

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